Karibu Sana!

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Six years before Lilo Langen and her friends founded the registered association “Upendo Tansania”, she travelled to East Africa for the first time. She visited Kenya, its National Parks, and then went south to Tanzania. About the things she saw and experienced, she later said:
It was my first travel to East Africa. Since this time, I can not forget this land. People say, you love it or you hate it. One question bothered me again and again: Is it the land or the people that magically drew me?
It is both !!

For me, it is pure adrenaline, to see a tall giraffe, a dosing lion or all the other animal beauties right in front of me. I sometimes didn’t know, should I film or should I take a picture. I wanted to take everything of that with me. It was breathtaking! 
People in Afrika 
Soon I noticed that there is a lack between the things I saw in the national parks and the real life outside the parks. But it was only after I saw the guide taking the rest of our packed lunches for his family that I realized how enormous poverty in Tanzania really is.
The need to help was born in this moment. I promised the guide to send some money in the Christmas time. There upon the family invited me and three month later I travelled to Africa on my own for the first time.
Today, after many journeys to Africa, I still see the beauty of the land, but I experience only infinite poverty, I experience brackish water that is drunk, I see equipment and tools that look like being out of Stone Age, I see great children eyes that are glaring in spite of hunger, I see myself and my friends in Germany for which this life is hard to believe.
 I want to help and I ask everyone to support me and my organization.